Celebrity suicides are explainable Like all suicides

The outside world comes inside even here in Everett and so we thought it was useful to discuss briefly the suicides of the designer Kate Spade and the chef and television personality Anthony Bourdain.

As many of our readers might well be aware, these two ended their lives last week, both by hanging. Both left young children, she a daughter 12 and he a daughter 11 respectively.

Their deaths come as a shock because these were two celebrities with tons of money and success and fame and all that.

We like to think it is unusual for suicide to occur when individuals are at the top of their form…and yet both Spade and Bourdain awakened to a day last week when they both said to themselves, “I don’t want to design another hand bag…I don’t want to eat another meal and to tell about it…I don’t want to live another hour of another day.”

The harsh reality is that both Spade and Bourdain were more depressed than any of us who don’t understand depression and or suicide can imagine.

Deep, deep, depression took their lives, not their success.

Suicide is not a stranger in our city any more than it is stranger all over the state and the nation.

If you have a family member or friend deeply depressed and questioning whether or not they want to go on, well, make sure you get them help.

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