Behold The Green Bicycles

We have heard many, many comments about the lime green bicycles that hundreds of Everett people have been renting and riding.

Some people believe these bicycles on street corners or wherever they end up present some kind of dangerous impediment to their lives and to the the city’s well being.

There are voices heard claiming they are dangerous and a menace and they should be removed.

This is, after all, a society where freedom of speech rings, even though your thoughts are a bit skewed.

This being said, those lime green bicycles have made it possible for hundreds of people to rent for a pittance and to drive around on bicycles and to enjoy the city – as crazy as that sounds.

We have watched with curiosity and a bit of joy, even, couples cruising around – people actually exploring the city on bicycles!

We believe this is extraordinary and it also gives some meaning to the bicycle lanes that the administration has created here on public ways.

The lime green bicycle are a hit quite like no other during this summer of 2018.
Enjoy them, don’t destroy them.

Enjoy then them, don’t be against them.

Why? Because being against these bicycles is like being against fun.

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