City close to finalizing employee handbook

Replaces Out-Of-Date Instruction Guide;

Covers Sexual Harrassment

By Josh Resnek

Following questions the Leader Herald  about whether or not the city had a strict sexual harassment policy in force several months back the city is close to completing a new and updated employee handbook for the first time in 14 years.

It replaces and or updates arcane city policies and protections for employees, all of whom, one way or another, receive the handbook either in its paper form or on e-mail, according to Tom Philbin spokesperson for the mayor.

E-mail recipients must sign the document and send it back to the Human Resources Department now headed by Michael Verano.

All the city’s employment rules and regulations are online on the city’s website.

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Council approves city budget, but not without rancor

By Josh Resnek

The city council Monday evening approved the 2019 city budget – a budget that provides for $196.4 million in expenses.

The budget was not approved without considerable debate and some guffawing by the mayor, who was disappointed anyone would try to cut his office budget.

Bottom line, taxes will increase 11.5% for homeowners and commercial property holders.

Not discussed for a moment at this crucial budget hearing are the advantages of the city’s real estate values rising higher and higher – which takes some of the bite out of the expected tax rate increase.

Higher real estate values, in the end, don’t hurt property owners although paying higher taxes for their properties cuts into their pocketbooks.

If the obverse was true – that is – if property values were in a steep decline and taxes were reduced, property owners would be outraged that their properties have a lesser value.

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The Time Bomb

We don’t have much belief in the Gaming Commission’s ability to render a fair and just decision regarding Wynn Resorts/Encore’s right to the title of suitability.

Suitability is the standard by which the Gaming Commission will allegedly make a ruling about whether or not Wynn Resorts can maintain its casino license for its project here.

The Gaming Commission is apparently coming closer to rendering its decision following a long investigation into God knows what. Continue reading The Time Bomb

Behold The Green Bicycles

We have heard many, many comments about the lime green bicycles that hundreds of Everett people have been renting and riding.

Some people believe these bicycles on street corners or wherever they end up present some kind of dangerous impediment to their lives and to the the city’s well being.

There are voices heard claiming they are dangerous and a menace and they should be removed.

This is, after all, a society where freedom of speech rings, even though your thoughts are a bit skewed. Continue reading Behold The Green Bicycles

Illegal apartments abound

Identifying them is another matter

With the approval of the mayor, the Code Enforcement Task Force has recently established a unit dedicated to investigating illegal apartments.

 This is a step in the right direction.

However, the only way illegal apartments can be identified and investigated meaningfully in this city filled with them is by going street to street and investigating each and every property.

There is the likelihood that if such an effort was made, and all the city’s residential properties systematically investigated for zoning improprieties, that as many as 500-1000 illegal apartments would be identified.

What would this do?

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