Adrien Releases Policy Manual

Gerly Adrien, candidate for the 28th Middlesex District State Representative, has released her policy manual. It outlines what would her role as a State Representative for Everett would look like. As a dedicated professional, Adrien is devoted to uplifting our vibrant community. Her passion for improving Everett is the bedrock of her campaign, and will be the foundation of her tenure as your State Representative. Gerley

Every week, until Election Day, which is Tuesday, September 4, Adrien will be picking a few to outline what is in the policy.

If you want the full copy of the manual, please check out her website www. or give her a call at 617-835-8267, and she will gladly drop one off to you. Below is the outline of the priorities she highlights:

1. Arts & Culture; 2. Civic Engagement; 3. Economic Growth; 4. Education; 5. Emergency Response Plan; 6. Environment; 7. Finances In Order; 8. Healthcare; 9. Healthy Massachusetts Initiative; 10.Housing; 11.Immigration; 12. Improve Ef ciency; 13. Improve our Streets; 14. Improve Transparency; 15. Increase Tech Savviness and Digital Brand; 16. Public Safety & Criminal Justice; 17. Seniors; 18. Transportation; 19. Women; 20. Youth Agenda

“When I started this campaign, I emphasized how our community would be priority. I held 6 listening tours events, knocked the whole district and simply listened to everyone to create this policy manual. I am super proud to be talking about how I would serve Everett, which is what we are lacking in our State Rep. My opponents have not done this. I care about our community and will work very hard if I am elected as your next State Representative. Please review and let me know your thoughts. I am always open,” stated by Adrien.

One of her most important initiatives for Everett’s young people is found in her Youth Agenda. This comprehensive plan to improve life for Everett’s youth intends to strengthen educational and after school resources. Our youth are our

future and they keep inspiring Adrien every day.

Everett does not need another money or career-oriented politician. Adrien is different – she is someone who has dreamed of working with you and our community to improve our City. She looks forward to working together for Everett.


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