Everett Fire Department

Those of us with comfortable lives who go about our lives with ease in safety cannot imagine the stark terrors firefighters come across when they arrive at a fire scene such as that occurred on Morris Street last Friday.

We wish to note the heroic contributions made to public safety here by Everett firefighters Scott Dalrymple and Josh Doyon.

They ran into the burning home only to be exploded and set afire.

Their escape from that burning home with their lives was extraordinary.

Also extraordinary was their brothers composure – and their never losing their focus as they fought the fire.

While they were being sprayed with water, firefighters Craig Hardy and Chris Dockery climbed up ladders to rescue the woman trapped on the roof.

All of the above is not about a walk in the park or standing in traffic on Broadway.

It is about professionalism and it is about bravery.

The heroism shown by Everett firefighters on Morris Street Friday afternoon should be an inspiration to all of us.

Thank you to Scott Dalrymple, Josh Doyon, Craig Hardy and Chris Dockery.

Great work, guys.

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