Morris Street Fire About Irony And Danger; House Was For Sale

The burned and boarded site of last week’s multi-alarm blaze on Morris Street in Everett.

By Josh Resnek

The legal three-family home that burned on Morris Street Friday morning was for sale when firefighters arrived on the scene.

What was a valuable three family home selling for $750,000 has been reduced to a charred wreck.

The two firefighters injured when they ran into the burning home are recovering.

Everett firefighter Scott Dalrymple remains in the hospital with burns that will require surgical attention.

Josh Doyon, who ran into the home with Dalrymple has been released from the hospital.

Both firefighters were climbing the stairs to reach the second floor when an explosion ignited their protective gear.

They ran out of the home on fire, tumbling to the ground outside where firefighters doused them with a hose.

Meanwhile, on the second floor, a resident had escaped to the roof where two Everett firefighters rescued her.

Firefighters Craig Hardy and Chris Dockery used ladders to take her down to safety.

The home on Morris Street was a constant subject of complaints made to Inspectional Services about the building. A search of the home’s file jacket in the ISD Department reveals dozens of code violations stretching back almost 2 years.

The file itself weighs about 2 lbs.

Records show there were smoke detector violations, illegal cooling units, overcrowding and Yale type bolt locks on most of the single rooms throughout the home that gave the appearance the building was being used as a lodging house, again, according to notes written by inspectors on le in the ISD Department at city hall.

On July 12th ISD gave its stamp of approval for all the efforts that were made to clean up the violations.

On July 13, the building burned.

This week the area around the home smells of thick smoke and fire residue and the house stands empty and bordered up.

Nargis Bhatti and Bari Muddasir are listed as the owners of the property according to records on file in the Everett Assessor’s Office. They are apparently Everett residents with an address at 69 Floyd Street.

The State Fire Marshal, State Police, Everett Fire investigators and Everett Police investigators have apparently indicated that the fire was not the result of an arson.

Efforts to reach Bhatti and Muddasir were unsuccessful.

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