Wynn Resorts Denies Gattineri’s Claims, Files Countersuit

By Josh Resnek 

Several weeks back we reported Anthony Gattineri’s allegation that he was promised an extra $18 million by Wynn Resorts Rob DeSalvio in exchange for Gattineri’s approval of the Everett land deal where the casino is located, of which he was a part when the casino project was just getting underway.

He claimed he and DeSalvio shook hands on the deal.

Without that handshake, Gattineri asserts, the land deal for the casino would never have happened.

Gattineri led suit in Federal Court in Boston asking for the $18 million and damages in the many millions last month.

Now comes Wynn Resorts with a counter suit filed in Federal Court in Boston claiming Gattineri’s conduct with the land deal is intentionally and maliciously designed to interfere with Wynn’s advantageous business relations with the Gaming Commission.

Wynn Resorts has acknowledged the San Diego meeting between Gattineri and DeSalvio but denies ever making a separate deal with Gattineri.

Boston attorney Stephen Gordon says the countersuit has no merit.

“They seem to be suggesting merely filing a lawsuit to enforce Mr. Gattineri’s contractual rights interferes with their relationship with the Massachusetts Gaming Commission,” Gordon said.

Not so, said Wynn executive in Everett Greg John.

“The claims that Mr. Gattineri made are patently false and are designed to negatively impact our reputation with the public, and the gaming commission. We will continue to defend and protect ourselves from his outrageous allegations,” said John, in an interview with the Boston Herald.

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