Adrien Releases Policy Manual

Gerly Adrien, candidate for the 28th Middlesex District State Representative, is passionate about improving Everett and uniting as a community.

Below are two topics that highlight the whole center of the campaign:

Improving Efficiency: Efficiency is important. Solving problems, whether big or small, is the purpose and priority of our State Representative. Being open and accessible is a top priority.
Adrien plans to provide strong and effective constituent services.

Adrien will:

• Connect constituents to vital public services.

• Help with government paperwork.

• Provide assistance to help navigate unemployment, veteran’s assistance, and other services.

• Listen to concerns about legislation and more.

• Hold quarterly robo-calls to distribute critical information updates and upcoming meetings.

Improving Transparency: Government can only be effective when we have the trust of its people, and that trust must be earned. Adrien

will work hard for the people instead of working around them. We need to make sure that policy-making decisions are made transparent, with easy and direct online access to budgets, meeting minutes and voting records.

Adrien will implement:

• Quarterly newsletter to update residents of Everett on what is going on at the State House.

• Quarterly State Rep roundtables with citizens to provide residents an opportunity to meet with their state rep on specific issues and provide a “State of the State House” update.

• Quarterly civic trainings on relevant state issues and matters that citizens should be involved in the issues and governance of our city.

If you want the full copy of the manual, please check out her website http://www.gerlyadrien. com or give Adrien a call at 617-835-8267, and she will gladly drop one off to you.

Adrien is running to help Everett. She grew up in Everett and knows firsthand what it means to be part of the solutions on the issues. The democratic primary election date is Tuesday, September 4, 2018.


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