The Congressional Race

The Boston Globe ran an interesting piece about the Capuano- Pressley race last Sunday.

The Globe wondered: what separates the two since their stands are almost the same?

We can tell you this, and the truth hurts.

This race is about gender and color.

These two both have progressive records.

Capuano has had a 100% progressive rating his entire time in Congress.

“My opponent can’t identify how we differ,” Capuano told the Leader Herald Monday.

Here is the harsh reality about this political race.

What separates Capuano from Pressley is that he is a man and she is a woman. He is white and she is black. She is a minority in the district which is a majority minority district.

Pressley’s play: “I deserve the seat.”

Capuano’s play: “I’ve brought public housing, millions in education funding, research money and on and on… she has failed to make the case between us,” he added.

The only things making this race provocative are gender and race.

Will Capuano’s base remain with him?


Will Everett’s 3500 votes on primary day be important? We think so.


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