Summer Basketball League a Big Success

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On Monday, July 30th the newly renovated Florence Street Park hosted the semi-finals of the Youth Summer Basketball League. With a big crowd in attendance, the semi-finals consisted of two leagues, eight teams battling for their chance to make it to the championship games on Wednesday night.

With a title on the line and the crowd cheering, attendees got a feel for how important recreational opportunities are for the youth of a community. By participating in physical activity, as well as community-based events kids learn the importance of team activities and the value of public recreational facilities. That is why the Mayor has organized this league and several other sport opportunities throughout the summer.

In a written statement, the mayor said, “We have established programs that offer our young people with exciting opportunities to enhance their individual and team skills, while also developing into young adults. We are committed and determined to provide fun, competitive experiences, but more importantly a learning environment where they can grow to be well-respected members of our community.”

While other communities’ youth recreational opportunities are needed, the DeMaria administration has made it a priority to offer a safe and organized environment for the youth of Everett. Seen this summer, the City has begun to offer year-round sports and fun for kids of all ages and skill levels to help gain confidence, build relationships, and understand sportsmanship and teamwork.

Glendale Park is a host of many activities, including football, baseball, cheerleading,

and softball camps. These camps have been a great opportunity for those who are familiar with the sports and want to sharpen their skills and techniques, as well as those who want to learn the sport.

More importantly, these camps as well as the basketball games at Florence Street Park have helped bring together the youth community and establish positive development and growth.

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