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What’s Up, Mr. Mayor?

By Josh Resnek

Many city hall types close to the mayor claim he’s been a bit jumpy lately.

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 7.02.32 PM.pngThey say he seems to keep it together for a while and then tends to suddenly lose it as though he can’t deal with what he’s doing – or more likely – that he’s dealing with issues which he cannot control and which may be affecting him and angering him.

Let’s face it, for all his faults, the mayor remains a human being and is subject to ups and downs like the rest of us mortals.

But the mood swings and outbursts are about things we do not know, that we only think we know, and which only he is having to deal with.

What could be causing the mood swings and outbursts?

Too much time at his pool? Too many vacations?

Too much money coming his way from his many investments and substantial city salary?

Or could the outbursts and anger be about difficulties or dark clouds swirling about him?

What does that mean?

Only he knows and he isn’t saying.

We hear from those who claim to know that the mayor is still having to dole out about $10,000 a month for criminal attorneys to represent him.

We can’t know this for certain until we check his campaign finance report later this month.

We reported weeks back that the mayor has paid $130,000 to criminal lawyers for representation.

We do know his campaign finance account was getting a bit low and that our revelation about those payments to criminal lawyers from that account may have led him to make the payments from his personal checking account so the payments can’t be tracked by the newspaper.

What we don’t know, and what not a single councilor has asked him, is this: “What are these payments to criminal attorneys for, Mr. Mayor?

Are you having a legal problem? Is this something the council should be aware of? Should the voters and residents and taxpayers of Everett who you are supposed to answer to be apprised of any investigations?”

Yes, the mayor has shown some jitters recently, and a few outbursts and a bit of confusion and lack of focus.

All of this says quite compellingly that something is up with the mayor.

Grand Jury Action?

Last month we reported that a new grand jury has apparently been convened with regard to the various land deals that led to the casino locating itself where it is rising high today.

We don’t need to write the names of all the players in the land deal scenario who we believe are likely involved in this new look by the Justice Department into the fraud that has surrounded it since Wynn Resorts came to town.

This being written, there has been what we in the business call “substantial chatter” about a number of local politicians, businesspeople and convicted felons now being questioned by the FBI with regard to the Monsanto and Wynn Resorts land deals.

We make no predictions.

We know this – when the Feds and the FBI get their hands on you, it is worse than cancer.

Let’s see what pans out – if anything.

Editor Tossed Out of Public Meeting

It isn’t everyday an editor gets to talk about being tossed from a public meeting at Everett City Hall by the mayor.

This is exactly what happened last Thursday when the mayor seemed to explode after a one hour, contentious meeting with the Everett Finance Commission.

The front page story gives all the details.

Suffice to say, when I was asked to leave, I got up and walked out.

Following me like a good soldier for the mayor was city purchasing agent Robert Moreschi.

He slammed the door shut with the fervor of a devoted employee working for the mayor and with the energy of a prison guard.

Then a discussion ensued.

The mayor called for a “conversation” or a “private conversation” behind the closed door.

This does not rise to the level of a public hearing.

Certainly it must have been Ok for the mayor to do this, otherwise City Clerk Sergio Cornelio, who was there at the table, would have spoken up.

School Committee member Marcony Almeida-Barros left the private conversation before it began. Barros knew what to do.

But then, Barros works in the Attorney General’s office.

Eric Demas Shines Under His Own Light

In another life, I think Eric Demas, the city’s talented CFO and the mayor’s most trusted employee at the present moment, would make for a great lawyer.

He knows how to sound important. He uses legalese all the time. He has an answer for every question all the time – and when it comes to the bond rating as the city’s reason to exist, well he has no peer in making that case.

He is, in every way, the mayor’s most loyal propaganda chief and quite a marvel to listen to when he is going strong.

Think about it.

Demas and the mayor just spent $12.5 million that was given to the city by Wynn Resorts – and the money was spent before the city got it.

Beautiful, really, spending that kind of money trying to stop taxes from rising (which cannot be stopped) and essentially wasting the money on a doomed effort.

Anyone able to spend so much city revenue with no tangible result – and then fail to fund the schools properly so the schools have to lay off 100 employees – is just the kind of money manager who ought to find another city to perform his magic.

It isn’t long until the city gets another $30 million from Wynn.

What then?

Into what drain will all that money now like a flood of water?

Just ask him and he’ll tell you about the importance of the bond rating.

Paul Dalrymple

Our piece on Everett firefighter Paul Dalrymple (above), still recovering at the MGH burn ward, went far and wide across the near infinity of the Internet last week.

Our piece on Dalrymple went to 38,000 viewers all over the United States. Locally, hundreds of viewers came to our site, EverettLeader.com and those hundreds of viewers linked their friends with the piece.

Firefighters all over the state locked to our site, as did the families of firefighters and first responders.

Firefighter (1)

Dalrymple’s third degree burns from the re on Morris Street will change his life forever. At least he is upbeat and recovering. He will be out and about, hopefully, in 8 weeks.

Good luck Paul!

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