Gerly Adrien Holds Official Campaign Kick-Off Event

Celebrates Birthday with Friends and Supporters

Leader Herald Staff Report

More than 160 friends and supporters of Gerly Adrien’s campaign for representative turned out to the Village Bar and Grille on Norman Street Saturday evening.

According to Adrien, she was excited and pleased at the turnout, and grateful for the show of force as the primary inches closer.

Gerly Adrien shown with ance David Lindsey at the kickoff.

“I was thankful to see my neighbors, veterans, past supporters all attending this kickoff and to let me know they are supporting me for this election.

“It brought tears to my eyes to see the type of support I am getting,” Adrien told the Leader Herald.

Those who were noted among the large crowd were Councilor Michael MacLaughlin, Reverend Myrlande Desrorsieres, Katie Ford, Guerline Alcy, and local political activist Stephanie Martins.

Adrien, during remarks to the crowd, talked about unity and the race – that everyone who came to the event it didn’t matter about color or race or religion or what part of Everett they were from.

“This race is about everyone being represented and no one being left out,” she said.

Adrien has been working hard throughout the city.

She is facing strong competition from Steven “Stat” Smith and the rep.

The primary is on September 4.


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