EPS Employees Aren’t Census Takers


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We agree completely with Superintendent of Schools Fred Foresteire and the School Department attorneys Murphy, Lamere, & Murphy that the public school employees cannot be used to collect census records and that private student records cannot be scrutinized for census purposes.

The attorneys said such a request is  unconstitutional.

At the same time, we understand the city is filled with people far beyond the number supposed to be living here.

According to the mayor, Everett’s population is likely closer to 50,000 than to 42,000.

Private school student information is just that, private.

Why is it to be kept private – because it is no ones business.

In the highest and best way, the School Department protecting the right to privacy of its students is about the School Department protecting its students, their mothers and fathers, and their very existence here which could easily be compromised.

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