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A Success Not So Sweet

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By Josh Resnek
There was a time, and it was not so long ago, when the deal the mayor made with the gambling mogul Steve Wynn was the toast of the town.

When starting out about 5 years ago, the mayor took the idea of looking at some of Everett’s most polluted land as the place to put a casino and hotel.

The land deal was fraudulent but everything has ended up OK notwithstanding all the talk about FBI investigations that have apparently been going on for almost 5 years.

The deal itself for the casino and hotel is inarguably one of the biggest business deals in the history of the state of Massachusetts.

Getting to the finish has been problematic, and for the mayor, it has been painful.

Many people in the know say he may have a problem with the FBI.

Just as many people say such an assertion is rubbish.

Then there are the huge, recurring recent payments for legal fees the mayor has made to criminal attorneys for representation as revealed in the Leader Herald that tends to say otherwise.

Back to the biggest business deal of the time, of any time.

A deal made between the mayor and Steve Wynn.

Wynn has been shown to be a giant pervert, egomaniac fraud.

The mayor’s close relationship with him has not helped the mayor.

All the hopes and dreams tied to the apron strings of Wynn have vanished.

The tarnish of Wynn’s sexual harassment and abuse dif culties with women has not helped the mayor.

This has hurt the mayor.

It has caused a spotlight to be placed on the mayor locally.

That problem persists and appears to be growing.

The deal of the century between Steve Wynn, the mayor and Everett, has tumbled down from that lofty place in all our minds.

Now we are all awaiting the decision of the Gaming Commission on whether or not Wynn/Encore remains the licensee of the license gets taken.

A crack Globe columnist last weekend said the Gaming Commission will never take the license away.

We agree.

The casino needs more than anything to be finished and to open and to generate oodles of money.

Only then will the game at hand been won.

But even then, it will have been won at a high price for the mayor.

Attention Homeowners and Property Owners

The City Code Enforcement Task Force will be visiting buildings across the city, neighborhood by neighborhood to evaluate risks to safety.

What is really happening relates to overcrowded buildings and getting a real feel for how many people actually live in buildings in this city.

When the CCETF arrives at the door to a 3 family building with say 40 people living in it, you can be sure that notes will be taken, citations issued and remediations made to have the owner bring the building up to code.

Also, the CCETF will note the number of people living in the space which allows census type information to be collected. With this type of proactivity, two things are achieved – buildings are made safer and we discover how many people are living in them.

The fire on Morris Street recently where 19 people were living and where Everett Fire Fighter Scott Dalrymple suffered third degree burns is an example of overcrowding and danger. Morris Street was literally attacked by Inspectional Services here for two years and was issued countless violations ending with a bill of OK the day before it burned.

How ironic!

The Rep Race

Our sense of the rep race can be described simply as believing the busiest person who wants the position most is going to win.

How’s that for a line that gets you going.

We have a view of one candidate as the busiest, the most ambitious, and the most determined.

We see him almost everyday driving around the city, engaging voters everywhere, scoring votes everyday with every type of Everett voter.

He is best with his man in the street bit.

He is the closest in this race as to where the rubber hits the road.

He doesn’t stop.

He is totally involved.

And when we compare this with the rep – well, really, there is no comparison.

The real thing to gure out is who exactly will cast votes for whom?

It is a demographic in which all the candidates can eyeball their voters, and be in touch with them and get them out on primary day.

The numbers go like this – 3500 likely total vote.

1400 to win.

The weather an important factor as always in the total vote. Bottom line, each candidate must identify their vote and get their vote to the polls.

The rest is like magic.

Doesn’t matter a lot who or what you stand for. The most popular candidate wins.

The Blue Ribbon Commission

We have learned the blue ribbon school commission will issue its ndings to the mayor and the superintendent of schools at the same time.

The group was said to have prepared 12 recommendations after their study of the school system according to the Independent newspaper.

But those 12 recommendations have not yet been put onto paper.

Our understanding from the commission is that the report will be issued to the superintendent of schools and to the mayor at the same time.

The report is still far away from being written up let alone issued.

We will keep you posted.


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