Crimson Tide Ready to Chart A New Course

By Lorenzo Recupero

How often does the departure of one man require three others to take his place? Chances are not too often. But that’s exactly what Everett High’s needed to do.

A brief scan across the Everett High School sports landscape will reveal a lot of change has taken place on the administrative side of things. A clear result of the departure of local legend John DiBiaso, who spent over two and a half decades with the school.

The wildly successful tenure of DiBiaso spanned across the EHS sports scene.

He was both the head coach of varsity football and basketball, while also guiding the school as athletic director. During his time at the helm, EHS football picked up over a dozen state championships and the basketball team became a fixture in the playoff bracket.

It will take a lot of sustained greatness to reach the heights DiBiaso took EHS sports, and going forward it will take a few others to help keep it going.

The new (not really) faces at EHS have all been part of the fold both as assistant coaches and/or student athletes in the past.

Current girls varsity basketball coach, Tammy Turner, will take over as athletic director. She’s been with the school for over a decade and helped the basketball team to numerous playoff visit.

Theluxon Pierre, who was both a player and assistant to DiBiaso and knows the system at EHS like the back of his hand, will be on the sidelines this fall as the Crimson Tide’s head coach.

And Stanley Chamblain, a former player and longtime assistant to DiBiaso, will be leading the varsity basketball team on the hardwood for the first time, though he’s been with the team for five seasons.

All three replacements have had success at EHS. All three know what they’re doing. And all three, including coach Chamblain, know exactly who they are replacing.

“Three people replacing one man just goes to show how successful [DiBiaso] was and how significant he was to Everett High and the city as a whole,” said Chamblain. “As a former player and assistant, I can say the body of work he’s put in is remarkable. If I can just bring a fraction of that, it would be successful.”

Dibiaso left behind a legacy and a crop of capable coaches. Now only time will tell what life after him will be like for Everett sports.

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