The Leader Herald today endorses Congressman Mike Capuano for another term.

For the past 20 years Mike Capuano has been the picture of what a liberal congressman from Massachusetts ought to be.

He is a strong voice in the Congress. Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 5.59.32 PM

His reputation as a man, as a husband, father, son and brother is impeccable.

He understands poverty. He grew up in Somerville at a time when that city was a far different place than it is today.

He hustled and worked hard for everything he has in his life.

He is a Dartmouth guy – and we tend to love him here because he always likes to joke about his going to Dartmouth not related to being intelligent, but rather, suiting the college’s need to ll out its demographic for a poor kid from Somerville.

He knows his way around Capitol Hill.

He has seniority.

We know exactly who Mike Capuano is – and to know him is to like him.

He is accessible. He has a great staff.

He is a family man, a homeowner, a son of middle class parents from Somerville who has risen to much greater heights in his life.

He is no stranger to our city, to all the cities in his district.

We urge the voters of Everett to give Mike Capuano a vote on September 4.

Sending Mike Capuano back to Congress from our district is important business for our district.


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