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Everett Police endorse Geoff Diehl Republican candidate for senate

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Shown above is Republican Senatorial candidate Geo Diehl holding the endorsements of the Everett Police Department. To his left, Everett Police Officers John Mazzie, Bobby Hall, and at the right, Local 95 Union Head Jimmy Gabriel.

By Josh Resnek

At a press conference attended by about 25 Everett police officers, Republican US Senate candidate Geoff Diehl was officially endorsed by the rank and file of the Everett Police Department.

Diehl will likely be facing Senator Elizabeth Warren in the finale in November.

The endorsement was made inside the conference room of the envision Hotel on the Parkway right after 2 p.m. Monday afternoon.

“We are proud to put our full support behind Geiff Diehl. He doesn’t just talk about issues, he takes action,” said Detective Robert Hall, President of the Patrolmen’s union.

We know if Geoff is elected we will have his ear and support on public safety issues.”

Diehl delivered brief remarks thanking the EPD and their union leadership for supporting his candidacy.

“You are out there 24/7 and I want to have your back,” said Diehl.

The Everett officers who spoke said with some great passion that this is an era when police are at risk with politicians calling police officers racists and killers.

“Law enforcement needs a senator who will support them. Like many of my fellow police officers, I was outraged with Senator Warren calling the entire criminal justice system racists from front to back. We have lost too many fellow officers this year in Massachusetts. We hear her loud and clear. That’s why we’re proud to support Geoff Dahl for US Senate,” said Lt. James Gabriel.

Diehl served for 8 years in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

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