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Give Mike your vote on Primary Day

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By Josh Resnek

We have endorsed Congressman Mike Capuano because he represents about the very best of what it means to be a liberal congressman from Massachusetts.

Ayanna Pressley is not better than Mike Capuano.

At the very worst, she is the same. So why switch?

The Boston Globe said voters should vote for Pressley because she really showed her stuff making sure minority owners received liquor licenses in Boston while a Boston city councilor.

What kind of accomplishment is that!

From where I sit, liquor is poison. Liquor kills all kinds of people, ruins any number of families, kills many on the roads and on and on.

Who gets a liquor license in Boston doesn’t translate into going onto the floor of the Congress after you’ve been there 20 years bringing home the bacon as Capuano has.

Nothing in Congress matters more than seniority and after 20 years Capuano has seniority. He doesn’t just bring home the bacon – millions and millions to his district every year for nearly every conceivable on merit reason– but he is always involved in advancing civil rights, gender consciousness, and he even has a strong backbone about military matters, about right and wrong.

I have known Capuano for the entire time he has been in Congress.

He is an honest man.

I don’t always agree with him. At times he is too liberal for me.

He stands up for what he thinks.

He represents everything good about being a liberal. Yes, he is white. He is over 60. He has been in Congress a long time.

But these things don’t disqualify Capuano.

The Democrats are shooting at one another in a race like this one.

They are trying to replace a long-term congressman with a great record with an upstart Boston city councilor who tends to think and act exactly as Capuano does.

Pressley’s advantages over Capuano?

She’s a woman and she’s black and she’s educated and she wants his seat.

We wish her the best of luck in trying to unseat Capuano.

If she does, we will welcome her to the political club here in Greater Boston.

Winning a congressional race is about more than race and gender when the two candidates are almost exactly alike in how they think.

We’re with Capuano.

He’s been a long-time friend.

He is a friend to all.

Mike Capuano is all about inclusivity. He is tough and intellectually strong. There has never been the hint of impropriety when it comes to Mike Capuano.

He’s our candidate.

“I cannot imagine what traffic will be like when the casino opens.”

This is the exact quote of an Everett woman, a visitor to our office, who was complaining about the traffic right now – a year before the casino opens and the roads leading to it are suffocated, inundated, drowning in, more traffic than we could ever have imagined.

“Going down 99 Sunday it was horrific,” said the visitor. “They are doing work in the middle of the road,” she added. “Traffic is at a dead stop now. Its down to one lane,” she said. And what about the future?

“I think they need another. Access road into the casino because 99 traffic is always backed up. Always. Always. Always. “I think that’s going to be the worst part about getting to the casino driving on Route 99. It is going to be a horror show – and not just for Everett residents like me – but for everyone using 99.”

The MGM Grand has opened

We got our first reports from an Everett resident who went to the new casino in Springfield.

“Overall, I was not impressed. It isn’t very big. The food choices are blah. Couldn’t get a hot chocolate to save my life. They only let you use one hand to squeeze your cards in three card poker…”

Overall, he said, “I’m just not impressed.”

The summer is at an end

The summer of 2018 is fading away.

Whatever our hopes and dreams for this summer have already passed us by.

I can recall as a much younger person hoping for the summer to somehow change my life.

Summer always seemed to be the time I’d want to be falling in love – something that quite often eluded me.

Then were those summers when I fell in love, when the relationship complicated my life, and whomever I was with.

Some summers were a bust; they were empty, hot, repetitive, and unrelenting.

There was always a yearning about the summer coming. The joy of it finally getting here and the feelings of loss when it was almost over.

The only good thing about this summer ending is that fall is not too far behind.

If you are reading this small bit, then you know you are still alive. Not everyone we love made it through the summer of 2018. My mother was one of those. And so I will always this summer by recalling her death and what it has done to my life.

As the summer of 2018 inexorably fades into the sunset, we will welcome the first chill of the fall, the beauty of the beach in the fall, the grandeur of the leaves changing and falling, putting on a sweater, sleeping under a cover, and the finally…turning on the heat.

How ironic.

There is the heat of summer and the need for heat in the fall.



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