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We are endorsing Steven ‘Stat” Smith for representative to serve the city of Everett on Beacon Hill, again.

We believe he is the best choice because he is willing to work, and to work hard.

He also understands the ins and outs of serving in this position as he served previously as the representative from Everett for 6 years.

Steven Smith has overcome trials and tribulations in his life.

He is a self-made man with a good family. He grew up here in very humble circumstances – and he has become one of the city’s most successful businessmen along the way.

We believe he is best suited to do what needs to be done for the voters and residents of this city.

He is an independent guy.

No one will own him.

Smith knows his way around Beacon Hill. He did a good job as rep when he served. He has brought a tremendous amount of guts and gusto to the campaign during the run-up to the primary.

He has worked hard and smart.

We urge Everett voters to cast a vote for Steven “Stat” Smith.


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