Everett Police endorse Geoff Diehl Republican candidate for senate

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Shown above is Republican Senatorial candidate Geo Diehl holding the endorsements of the Everett Police Department. To his left, Everett Police Officers John Mazzie, Bobby Hall, and at the right, Local 95 Union Head Jimmy Gabriel.

By Josh Resnek

At a press conference attended by about 25 Everett police officers, Republican US Senate candidate Geoff Diehl was officially endorsed by the rank and file of the Everett Police Department.

Diehl will likely be facing Senator Elizabeth Warren in the finale in November.

The endorsement was made inside the conference room of the envision Hotel on the Parkway right after 2 p.m. Monday afternoon.

“We are proud to put our full support behind Geiff Diehl. He doesn’t just talk about issues, he takes action,” said Detective Robert Hall, President of the Patrolmen’s union.

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— Eye on Everett —

Give Mike your vote on Primary Day

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By Josh Resnek

We have endorsed Congressman Mike Capuano because he represents about the very best of what it means to be a liberal congressman from Massachusetts.

Ayanna Pressley is not better than Mike Capuano.

At the very worst, she is the same. So why switch?

The Boston Globe said voters should vote for Pressley because she really showed her stuff making sure minority owners received liquor licenses in Boston while a Boston city councilor.

What kind of accomplishment is that!

From where I sit, liquor is poison. Liquor kills all kinds of people, ruins any number of families, kills many on the roads and on and on.

Who gets a liquor license in Boston doesn’t translate into going onto the floor of the Congress after you’ve been there 20 years bringing home the bacon as Capuano has.

Nothing in Congress matters more than seniority and after 20 years Capuano has seniority. He doesn’t just bring home the bacon – millions and millions to his district every year for nearly every conceivable on merit reason– but he is always involved in advancing civil rights, gender consciousness, and he even has a strong backbone about military matters, about right and wrong.

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Is Wynn Resorts again talking with potential buyers?

Wynn Buyer

By Josh Resnek 

A spate of articles on the Internet and in print during the past five days indicate that Wynn Resorts president Matt Maddox has conducted informal talks about a sale of the Everett project.

No one from Wynn has answered this assertion, however the fact that such rumors are swirling about, again, shows how everyone involved is becoming a bit more worried about what or what not the Massachusetts Gaming Commission is going to do when it releases its long awaited investigative report sometime in September.

“This is the surest sign that Wynn Resorts has been hearing some of the particulars about where the MGC is heading,” said an industry source with business before the MGC who wished to remain unnamed.


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Crimson Tide Basketball Players Conclude Productive Summer Season

By Lorenzo Recupero

Basketball season for Everett High School is on freeze until the opener in December, but that hasn’t stopped some of the returning players from heating up their game during the summer months.

“I grew up in Everett and to see the energy for basketball how it is now in the city is a beautiful thing,” said incoming head coach Stanley Chamblain, who moved to the city during middle school and couldn’t recall a time when basketball was such a buzz.

“We had [summer leagues] but the energy, and buzz around the city for basketball isn’t like it is now,” he said, “Its so important to have the summer leagues not only for the players to continue to work on their game but just to help keep kids focus away from the computer screens,” he said.

Since the season ended in April, EHS basketball players have only had several weeks off. In the first week of June, Everett’s summer league basketball started up and culminated the second week of August.

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From the early 1920s to the mid-1970s Everett High’s vocational students had their own building on Summer Street. This week we see a group of future auto mechanics picking apart a transmission. If any of these guys look familiar, let us know!