Colin Kaepernick and the Flag

No matter how we try to be very liberal about all things these days, the NFL players kneeling to show whatever it is they have as a complaint about their lives in the United States of America or of our present days politics just seem awfully out of place to us.

The NFL players should leave their politics at home or inside the locker-room before they play the game.

We’d rather everyone shows respect to the flag and to the national anthem.

To do otherwise is too scorn ourselves and our nation. Yes, racism is a problem.

Kneeling rather than standing while the national anthem is being played inside a stadium with 70,000 people is the wrong place to show contempt for the national anthem and the flag.

This is how we view it. We don’t like it, but we’re not suggesting that NFL players stop kneeling. We are suggesting they show more respect for the flag and the national anthem.

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