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First Day of School in 1961


First Day of School (1).jpg
Shown in the photograph from left to right: Anthony Matews- ky, Junior, Wayne Matewsky being held by his mother Marion, Wanda Matewsky and Robert Matewsky.

By Josh Resnek 

The picture is worth 10,000 words.

A young mother is shown walking her kids to the Center School (now the Whittier School).

It is a shot frozen in time – the beautiful young mother accompanying her well-dressed children to their rst day of school in 1961.

Think about 1961 if you were around.

John Kennedy was president.

The torch had been passed to a new generation, as the president said in his first inaugural address.

And shown in the above photograph is the new generation. Baby Boomers going to their first day of school when Everett was a far different place than it is today.

The photograph brought to the Leader Herald by Councilor Wayne Matewsky is of him and his family, and it is his mother shown holding him in her arms.

She was stunning then At 88 she is stunning today.

The Gulf Station shown in the rear of the photograph is now Dunkin Donuts and Self Serve.

It was impossible to know then where everything was heading with our society.

It is impossible to know today where we are heading except to say, the tradition of mothers taking their kids to the Everett public schools continues – as it did last week – and as it will continue for many generations to follow.



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