Schools Open With 7,100 Students

By Josh Resnek

School Department officials say the great wave of new students coming into the system appears to be lessening.

Despite this, the school Department has reported that more than 7,100 students are being served by the School Department and the city.

New arrivals continue to stream in, according to officials. School Department officials insist there is a need for another new elementary school in order for teachers and all other personnel to have space as required by the state.

“Everett’s schools are increasingly overcrowded” said Superintendent of Schools Frederick F. Foresteire. “The layoffs did not help, either,” he added.

Forsteire described the school opening as smooth with no glitches.

“Without as many teachers, the class numbers are growing higher,” he said.

Class sizes in some case are as high as 29, 30 , 31, he added.

“It is not educationally sound. The lower the student-teacher class ratio is the better it is for the students,” Foresteire said. The beginning of another school year, it is believed, aids in improving much of the city’s youth with their daily nutritional needs.

‘We serve at least 6,000 breakfasts and 6,000 lunches everyday,” said Foresteire. “Maybe more,” he added. Ninety percent of the school children in Everett eat school meals everyday, he added.

Some of the biggest changes have come at the Parlin School where the superintendent said a shuf e was necessary to raise the Parlin’s scores.

Mrs. Michell Crowell, an assistant superintendent at the English School has been made the principal of the Parlin School.

Mike McLucas, the former Parlin principal has been moved to the English School as an assistant principal.

“Mrs. Crowell brings strong leadership skills. The Parlin School will rise to another level,” the superintendent said.

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