Adrien’s Future

Gerly Adrien’s political future went up a few notches here even with her loss to the rep.

Sometimes candidates who lose actually win.

She scored a huge vote, a quite unimaginable vote, much of it outside the boundaries of the aging organic Everett vote that bested her by not much of a margin in this last contest.

So with her loss has come a gain and with that gain the great question for her, what does she do next?

What is the follow-up?

Does she wait a year before running again against the rep knowing that the third run is the charm?

Does she look for other possibilities? Would she, could she, run for mayor?

Now that would be very interesting given her shown ability at organizing minority voters while at the same time making herself available to a large swath of non- minority voters who have come to know her and to like her?

We congratulate Adrien for her great effort.

We urge her to remain in the mix for ultimately, she will prevail.


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