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Mayor, Commission Charged With Violation of Open Meeting Law

By Lorenzo recupero

The mayor and the School Finance Commission have been charged with violating the state’s Open Meeting Law by Joshua Resnek, publisher of the Leader Herald.

The mayor and the Commission have until October 4 to deal with the issue and report back to the Attorney General’s office, according to Assistant Attorney General Carrie Benedon.

On September 4, Benedon granted a request from the city, through its attorney, Janelle Austin, for an extension to respond to the complaint.

The complaint was led by Publisher Resnek for the Leader Herald following Resnek’s removal from a public meeting ordered by the mayor.

“In your request, you state the Commission will review the complaint at its next scheduled meeting, on September 27. With the hope the parties involved can use the additional time to reach a mutually agreeable resolution to the complaint,” Benedon wrote to all the parties.

The action taken by the Leader Herald is the result of Resnek being ordered by the mayor to leave the Commission’s public meeting, and for a “private conversation” to take place, as ordered by the mayor.

At the July 26 meeting of the commission chaired by the mayor, Resnek left the room after being told to leave by the mayor.

The door was slammed behind him when he walked out of the meeting, which was being held in the mayor’s conference room on the third floor at Everett City Hall.

Further discussions by the mayor and others took place behind the closed door.

Resnek and the Leader Herald are alleging this is a violation of the Open Meeting Law.

Attorney John Carey is representing the Leader Herald.

“Please send the Commission’s response to the complainant by Thursday, October 4, and for a copy of both the complaint and the response to our office,” Benedon instructed Attorney Austin.




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