The Crimson Tide at 800

Who would have thought when this all began in 1892 that the Everett Crimson Tide Football Team would achieve its 800th victory in 2018, 126 years later!

No one.

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 7.54.53 PM.pngIt is an achievement quite hard to place into modern history, which
has come to be such a fleeting thing, with our society remembering
very little about our past, much less understanding anything about our present.

800 wins, as an old friend would have said, is “big medicine.”

800 of anything is a large number!

Indeed, 800 high school football victories is very big medicine at that.

Little Everett over the decades, has cemented itself a Massachusetts high school football legend, and especially so during the past 20 years.

Gritty, middle class, hard working, tough minded Everett has gotten better at football with every succeeding generation.

Right now, the Crimson Tide stands as the number one ranked football team in the state.

It is a designation that comes from hard work, talent, spirit, discipline, of keeping ones’ mind on their position and playing their game according to the coach’s plan.

Everything mixed together works seamlessly for The Crimson Tide.

It showed this with its season opening night victory at Xaverian last Friday.

For the Crimson Tide’s new coach Theluxon Pierre, it was a night to savor.

It isn’t easy replacing a legend but he has – and most everything in our world is measured by what came before.

We offer our best wishes to Pierre and to The Crimson Tide.

May this season be a replication of most of the seasons past.


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