Wellness Center Employee Files Sexual Harassment Claim

By Josh Resnek

An Everett woman has alleged she was bullied and sexually harassed at her job at the Wellness Center, the Leader Herald has learned.

The young woman has apparently filed an official complaint with the city’s Human Services chief, Steve Supino.

Supino was unavailable for comment, according to Tom Philbin, the mayor’s communications chief.

The woman alleging she was bullied and sexually harassed at the Center on Broadway in the former high school building, is believed to be considering a lawsuit against the city.

Karen Avila, the head of the Wellness Center, said she was not aware of these allegations.

“I have no idea or anything about this. I have nothing to say on it,” she told the Leader Herald.

She said she needed to talk with her supervisor before saying anything else.

“She was bullied and sexually harassed,” a source told the Leader Herald about the woman making the allegations.

“She was more bullied than sexually harassed,” he said. “But both issues loom very large in her life,” he added.

The source said the Wellness Center employee has been made miserable in her life by events she has detailed to Supino in her complaint.

“She’s nervous. She has anxiety. This has been a terrible experience for her,” he said.

The Everett Community Health and Wellness Center is part of the mayor’s Office of Health and Wellness. His office oversees the center, its fitness and nutrition programs. as well as Community Recreation and the Energize Everett initiative.

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