A Matter of Trust

The moment is here for the Gaming Commission to show what it is made of, what it is capable of, and whether or not it has the guts and the will to take the gaming license away from Wynn Resorts or to ne the corporation into the ground or to simply do nothing but to admonish the gambling giant as so many expect.

Can the MGC do the right thing? Can they announce that Wynn Resorts is unsuitable and that this is an unmistakeable judgment?

Very doubtful.


What the MGC does or fails to do will be a giant mark on its Chairman Steven Crosby – whose former partner was part of the land deal Steve Wynn made with the city of Everett and a bunch of gangsters in 2014, as the former land owners are referred to in a lawsuit led by Suffolk Downs in Federal Court last week.

People should be screaming for Crosby’s resignation because of his obvious conflict. Crosby was a partner with one of the owners of the land the casino is being built on.

There is not a hint of doubt that nearly every major executive and board of director of Wynn Resorts understood the limitations I’m posed upon them because of Steve Wynn’s  depraved private life and the company’s gross indifference to sexual harassment and employment issues when the boss, or any boss, was involved.

The Wall Street Journal report has shown this with unsurpassable simplicity and clarity.

No one sitting on the Gaming Commission can ignore the Wall Street Journal report.

If they ignore that, then they ignore everything about right and wrong mattering. We understand this. We don’t approve of this. We know where this ends up if all things are equal.

The Gaming Commission has huffed and puffed, but when it comes down to reality, it will likely issue a verdict that denounces Wynn Resorts, applauds the changes that have been made, and then rules to keep everything the same with a slap on the wrist to

Can it be any other way in Massachusetts?

Not really.

Of course, the Gaming Commission might surprise everyone and strip Wynn Resorts of their license.

What then? Chaos. Let’s see what happens.


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