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MGC Taking Up Next Steps in Wynn Resorts Investigation Sept. 27

By Josh Resnek

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission announced Tuesday morning that on Thursday September 27 they will be discussing how exactly it will take the necessary steps to make use of all the investigative material that has been gathered since their investigation of Wynn Resorts began after the fall of the company’s founder, Steve Wynn.

The fall of Wynn and the plethora of accusations made against him by dozens of women led to his resignation as the head of the company he founded following the release of an investigative report published in the Wall Street Journal.

The meeting scheduled for Thursday and announced on the Gaming Commission’s website is the precursor to actions it will most likely take with regard to the major issues raised by the Wall Street Journal report and the MGC’s own internal investigation which has stretched for months. Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 4.47.13 PM

Several weeks back, Gaming Commission chairman Steve Crosby reiterated to reporters at that meeting that investigators are looking into “not only what happened but who knew about it, when did they know about it and what did they do about it.”

The MGC investigation is causing investigators to look closely at Steve Wynn’s activities and the secrets he withheld from the MGC as well looking carefully into Wynn Resorts President Matt Maddox, at former Wynn Resorts lead counsel Kim Sinatra, and all those who appeared before the MGC during the licensing phase.

Published reports indicate they all lied before the MGC.

During this investigatory period, at least three major lawsuits have been filed against Wynn Resorts, the most current, the $1 billion lawsuit led in Federal Court last week in Boston by the owners of Suffolk Downs alleging racketeering, lying to the MGC, and stealing the land from gangsters – land which is polluted.

The Suffolk Downs owners were in the running for five years for the gaming license until Wynn stepped in and allegedly stole the license from them, the law suit contends.

The GMC hearing on Thursday will determine the “hearing process” for its investigation.



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