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Sexual Harassment Action Moving Forward

Waiting For Mayor and Others to Return From Aruba

By Josh Resnek

A sexual harassment and bullying complaint led with Steve Supino, the head of the mayor’s Wellness Center in the old high school building on Broadway, will be moving forward as soon as the mayor returns from Aruba, according to the father of the woman making the allegations.

“They were approached to make this situation right and they refused. It would have been so easy to handle the matter. It was the easiest thing to do but this was not done for a variety of reasons that will come out,” added the woman’s father.

He said they went to Supino and the mayor but to date, both have apparently refused to do anything about his daughter’s Everett workplace nightmare.

“My daughter has hired counsel. When the mayor returns he will hear from him about how to move forward. He will have a chance to work with us to make things right or my daughter will sue the city,” he added.

“This kind of sexual harassment and bullying cannot be allowed in the Everett workplace,” he said.

sensitive to the matter at hand concerning his daughter.

The woman claims she was bullied and sexually harassed repeatedly over a period of months by a man and a woman who work at the center with her.

She has revealed no touching took place but that the harassment and bullying was severe, ongoing, and detrimental to her, causing her to become nervous and anxiety ridden.

She is continuing to work at the Wellness Center.

Steve Supino, the woman’s direct supervisor, said through the mayor’s spokesperson, Tom Philbin, he could not comment on the allegations because it involved a personnel matter.

“I really expected more from the mayor and Steve,” said the girl’s father.

“Their lack of response to this is depressing but not exactly unexpected,” he added.

“Do they have no idea how being sexually harassed and bullied in the Everett workplace is a crime?” he asked.

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