A’S ON D — Everett’s defense, more than solid enough to begin with, had its best game of the year. The Tide did a good job in containing Aise Pream, who finished with 70 yards on 17 carries.

The elusive, 5-foot, 7-inch senior was at his best in the third quarter, when he picked up 39 yards on seven carries. But, overall, he wasn’t nearly as productive as he was the week previous in the Prep’s easy win over Central Catholic.

The Tide also continue to punish teams that try to throw the ball all over the place. For the third week in a row, the opposing QB completed less than 50 percent of his throws vs. Everett’s fantastic secondary. Crowley threw it up 32 times, connecting on only 12 of them.

Conversely, St. John’s defense is much improved from last year. The Crimson Tide scored more than 80 points in its two wins over the Eagles in 2017, and they did so with ease. It was a different story Saturday, as the Prep defense intercepted three passes, due in part to a strong pass rush.



Every Thursday, the Everett Leader-Herald, and the Parlin Memorial Library publish a “Mystery Photo of the Week.” Each week we will show a photo from Everett’s past featuring Everett residents from several decades ago.Readers are encouraged to identify the people in the photo. If you know who is in this picture, call Mark Parisi at the Parlin Library at 617-394-2305, or email him at


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City officials watch as an attendant wipes off the Fire Chief’s car as part of a muscular dystrophy fundraiser at the Wash-a-Minit car wash in 1956. Do you recognize anyone in the picture?


Patriot Problems

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The New England Patriots are off to a 1-2 start. Is the dynasty coming to an end?

By Lorenzo Recupero

Public service announcement for all local football fans: What you saw from the New England Patriots this past weekend was NOT a mirage.

This team looks bad. Really bad.

In the, 26-10, loss to the Detroit Lions, the Patriots (1-2) defense couldn’t find the sideline any faster than team owner Josh Kraft moves across it at pregame warmups, and the offense looked like my 8 year-old son was mic’d up calling the plays.

And to think, our savior (Josh Gordon) is a chronic drug abuser that hasn’t had a truly productive or meaningful season as a player since his breakout performances five seasons ago makes this crisis all the more real — and scary.

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A Matter of Trust

The moment is here for the Gaming Commission to show what it is made of, what it is capable of, and whether or not it has the guts and the will to take the gaming license away from Wynn Resorts or to ne the corporation into the ground or to simply do nothing but to admonish the gambling giant as so many expect.

Can the MGC do the right thing? Can they announce that Wynn Resorts is unsuitable and that this is an unmistakeable judgment?

Very doubtful.

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Another New Playground

The Encore effort to transform a dreary, underutilized gorgeous location along the water to make a park in Everett is good stuff.

This is what has begun on the former General Electric site – a toxic off-limits site that will be turned into a river front, family friendly playground and park.

It is exactly this type of partnership with the city that makes such good sense – and in a place where so much can be done to reclaim the land and the waterfront for generations to come.

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