Everett and the Silver Line a Step in the Right Direction

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By Carlos Lopez
Special to the Leader Herald

The recent development of the Silver Line (SL-3) running through Chelsea has paved the way for Everett to possibly become the next city directly interconnected with the center of Boston.

The SL-3, the newest addition to public transportation in Chelsea, opens up traffic to a different section of Boston, and with it also comes the potential of connecting local residents to entirely different job markets and social experiences.

The Silver Line not only improves transportation within Chelsea, but allows speedy trips to Logan Airport and a connection to the Red Line for anyone in the immediate area.

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— Eye on Everett —

On The Election

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By Josh Resnek

It was a hot, sultry primary day Tuesday.

When it all ended late Tuesday night with the results at city hall, well, the people had spoken loudly and clearly.

The election after all is the ultimate poll.

The vote of the people is the ultimate endorsement.

So many people invested so much in this primary election battle.

Stat Smith, Gerly Adrien and the rep all wanted very badly to win.

When all the votes were counted there was only one winner.

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Crimson Tide, Pierre Prepare to Defend Title


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Everett High School senior sensation Mike Sainristil.

By Lorenzo Recupero

It’s September again and that means just one thing for the City of Everett: High School football is back.

In 2017, the Crimson Tide dominated, but the landscape for the defending division 1 champs has changed since going undefeated a year ago — drastically.

The new look includes a new head coach, quarterback and completely reconditioned roster from the top down.

But don’t be fooled. New(ish) faces does not necessarily mean a change in the Tide.

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Schools Open With 7,100 Students

By Josh Resnek

School Department officials say the great wave of new students coming into the system appears to be lessening.

Despite this, the school Department has reported that more than 7,100 students are being served by the School Department and the city.

New arrivals continue to stream in, according to officials. School Department officials insist there is a need for another new elementary school in order for teachers and all other personnel to have space as required by the state.

“Everett’s schools are increasingly overcrowded” said Superintendent of Schools Frederick F. Foresteire. “The layoffs did not help, either,” he added.

Forsteire described the school opening as smooth with no glitches.

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Pressley Prevails

Adrien Almost Beats Rep. in Close On

By Josh Resnek

Ayanna Pressley defeated 20 year Congressman Mike Capuano in a stunning upset of the durable Somerville politician.

She becomes the first woman of color to be elected to Congress from Massachusetts.

Her victory was perceived as a changing of the guard.

Capuano outspent her by 2-1 yet she mobilized coalitions in all the major communities in the district to beat the 66-year old Capuano.

Pressley is 44.

Capuano won Everett commandingly but lost in the major suburbs and Boston. He conceded at about 9 p.m. Capuano’s vote in Everett was 2,798 to Pressley’s 1,497. Locally, the rep beat out Gerly Adrien by 1,968 to 1,800 or 168 votes.

It was a surprisingly close victory for the rep.

Smith was never in the race from the announcement of the first results.

He received 893 votes.

Although the vote needs to be studied, it is believed the turnout included the largest vote by minority men and women living in this city in its history.

It was a substantially larger than expected turnout in Everett for the rep race.

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