Brett Kavanaugh

Thousands of Everett television viewers and Internet trollers have seen and heard much of the debate swirling around Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh.

Should he be appointed or should he not? Is he qualified or is he not?

Are his actions as a high schooler relevant to the situation at hand?

Yes they are.

Did he do what his accuser says he did? We don’t know, do you?

Did he drink too much?

Very likely.

Does it matter what a young man allegedly did to a 15 year old woman 36 years ago?

Yes it does.

What are we bothered by?

That the woman’s allegation, that any woman or any man’s allegation is taken as truth and fact by a Senate committee is odious.

Are Supreme Court justices meant to be con rmed by public opinion or by a political vote or after a trial in a court of law?

Seems to us to be a little bit of all of the above.

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