Dieting On My Own Terms

Sunday breakfast during diet time looks pretty Spartan but in reality, it is a small feast.


By Josh Resnek 

Many of us that put on extra pounds and who are vain decide to do something about it.

Whenever I have needed to lose weight, I do the following: smaller portions, skipping meals, no bread, no soda, no potatoes.

Salads most of the time with chicken – no red meat.

This always works for me. Perhaps my metabolism is such that the above works flawlessly.

About three months ago, I decided to lose 12 pounds.

I was up at 200. I’m 6 feet tall so the extra weight wasn’t so obvious but it was there and it bothered me.

I began a regimen of drinking lots of water, skipping breakfast, except for Sundays, and skipping dinner on most nights.

I came to rely on lunch and perhaps a few small snacks – a candy bar, an ice cream or a glass of cranberry juice and that was it – everyday.

As I got into it, I ate less and less, with smaller and smaller portions satisfying my appetite.

Every now and then I felt absolutely starved. On those occasions I’d head over to Mike’s Roast Beef for a junior with sauce, cheese and onion, a small bag of chips and a water.

Such a treat satisfied my hunger – but did little to cause the scale to tilt upward.

That’s the other key thing – never eat unless your stomach is growling and telling you you are hungry.

Two sunny side up eggs cooked in oil (always cook with oil never with butter), two pieces of well done bacon, a slice of artisan black bread (from Market Basket) with creamcheese and the best of all, a glass of hand squeezed orange juice(from Market Basket).

Why eat if you are not hungry?

Why get up and automatically eat breakfast when you aren’t hungry?

The photograph accompanying this piece shows my Sunday breakfast recently.

Looks pretty Spartan, doesn’t it?

Such a breakfast minus the potatoes or homefries, eggs cooked in oil, hand squeezed orange juice is like a small feast when I am dieting.

Bottom line – after three months of following my personal diet regimen, I have dropped 12 pounds and slipped under 190 for the rst time in probably 25 years.

Went to the doctor recently – cholesterol was way down, blood pressure perfect, heart beat measured and all my bloods exactly the way they ought to be.

The Resnek diet isn’t for everyone, but maybe you should try it out.

Smaller portions, less meals, ditch breakfast, mainly: eat less, eat less, eat less and eat better.

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