It is hard to put a price tag on what motivates the hearts and minds of Everett people of all ages.

This we know, the doing away with the annual Homecoming after 25 years because city fathers deemed it too expensive has caused an outpouring of comment from Everett people from all walks of life.

Our website last week counted more than 1,000 visitors to the story about the Homecoming being compromised by the mayor and his cohorts.

“Too expensive,” sayeth the mayor.

Too expensive,” sayeth the CFO Eric Demas.

“It’s gotta go,” both men agreed.

Another publication showed the cost for the parades. Something like $400,000 for four years – or $100,000 a year.

There is money being spent by the mayor that amounts to millions upon millions of dollars year and not all of it is being spent on meaningful agenda items.

We won’t attempt to play his game, but just the cost of three or four of the appointments he has made to new positions in the past three years that have little to no meaning cost more than the parade from year to year.

The parade was a majestic part of this city’s effort to be loyal to its past and to celebrate its present.

The cost for the parade is minuscule compared to the cumulative loss endured

by many thousands of Everett residents who would have liked it, who have liked it over the years, and who feel something is irretrievably gone without it.

If the parade was a one off, its demise could be understood.

The parade was the glue that held together the Homecoming Weekend.

Homecoming was a failure without the parade, and without all the other well planned and orchestrated events.

We urge the city council and the school department to weigh in on the mayor for the return of Homecoming.

Homecoming was an important part of this city’s modern fabric.

Now it is gone.

What has been saved?

More importantly, what has been lost.

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