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The mayor of Everett (above) is paid more than his counterpart in Boston.

Mayor’s Salary Ranked with Highest in the United States

By Josh Resnek

A report published in this week’s Boston Business Journal reveals that the mayor of Everett’s salary is among the highest in the nation for a small city mayor.

The mayor of Everett makes more in salary than Boston Mayor Martin Walsh.

Walsh gets about $175,000.

“Being the mayor of a big city comes with its perks, including a virtual key to the city and – sometimes – a hefty paycheck,” the BBJ reported.


Their report detailed the salaries of some of the nation’s largest cities.

Everett isn’t a large city. It is not even a mid-sized city.

It is a smaller city.

The mayor’s salary here is unusually high and has been for several years following repeated raises, time served added cash benefits and whatever else the mayor collects we do not know. The mayor of Everett’s salary hovers in the $180,000 a year range. It also costs about $1 million a year to pay the staff and expenses generated by the mayor’s office.

Mayor Andrew Ginther of Columbus, Ohio, received about $190,000 last year. Columbus is as large as San Francisco.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel received $216,000 as a salary this year.

The mayor of Miami Francis Suarez  is paid $149,999 a year.

There are five mayors earning less than $25,000 a year in salary. This includes Allen Joines, the mayor of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

He was paid $8,400 last year. Mayor Dan Trentalis of Fort Lauderdale, Florida was paid $35,000.

Mayor Nan Whaley of Dayton, Ohio received $45,344.

Mike Rawlings, the mayor of Dallas, Texas, received $60,000.

Ronald Nirenberg, the mayor of SanAntonio,Texas,received $61,725.

Mayor Stephen Adler of Austin, Texas received $82,500.

Thelda Williams, Mayor of Phoenix, Arizona received $88,359.

Jeff Longwell, mayor of Wichita, Kanas was paid $91,350.

Kevin Falconer, the mayor of San Diego, California, is paid $100,464.

Bill Peduto, mayor of Pittsburgh, paid $111,843.

And on and on and on – the mayor of Kansas City, $123,228; mayor of Sacramento, California, $130,276; mayor Albany,NY,$136,042; mayor of Seattle, Washington, $145,088; Mayor of Denver, Colorado, $171,197.


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