Crosby’s Disappearance More Intriguing Than His Presence

Steven Crosby’s disappearance, he was the chair of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission until resigning two weeks ago, remains the enigma that marks nearly everything having to do with the MGC since he was named its chair.

This isn’t a new story, and we have written about Crosby a dozen times. Its remains a major story worthy of pursuing.

Crosby never should have been named the chair as he had a direct conflict of interest with one of the partners who bought the land with three felons upon which the casino is now being built.

He never properly recused himself from the workings of the MGC and poisoned the entire MGC by remaining there for so long.

His sudden resignation two weeks ago signals some very likely scenarios.

Is he being stalked and hunted by the FBI which remains active regarding the casino land deal, or did he leave to pursue bigger and better business deals?

As the MGC comes closer and closer to finally airing in public the results of its allegedly thorough investigation, the taint of Crosby looms larger and larger, more so because of his sudden absence than anything else.

It is sad to say that everything about the casino land deal with Steve Wynn, Crosby’s relationship to it, the mayor’s relation to all of this in one way or another, is the stuff of a book, let alone a series of newspaper editorials or articles.

It all appears rotten, that is, the foundation the casino/hotel is resting upon.

We have predicted the MGC’s decision will be the stuff of farce.

How could it be expected to be otherwise?

After all, this is Massachusetts; where a man who was partners with one of the landowners, and who owed him something like $7 million, was able to lead the MGC for almost ve years and had a profound hand in Wynn landing here.

Beautiful, isn’t it? Not really.


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