Hand It Over

The mayor and his propaganda chief Eric Demas, the city’s chief financial officer, cannot be allowed to keep $2.5 million specifically intended for the public schools.

The money is now sitting in the city’s general fund account – and according to early reports, the mayor will not hand it over – that is – he will not allow the funding to be transferred to the schools.

This is a public slap in the face to Senator Sal DiDomneico.

He values himself a close friend of the mayor and they tend to work together quite nicely.

In this instance, however, the senator must stand up for himself.

This is money he worked hard to get – and he got it for 11 communities, all of whom are using it in their public schools.

This is also an occasion when the city council must show its independence of the mayor’s sometimes Draconian requests.

The city council must let the mayor know this $2.5 million slated for the public schools has to end up aiding the public schools as intended.

Without this $2.5 million earmarked exclusively for the public schools, teachers cannot be rehired and overcrowded classrooms will grow more overcrowded.

We urge everyone to work together to make certain this $2.5 million miracle performed by Senator Sal ends up where it was supposed to end up – to be used for the betterment of the public schools.

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