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Lunch on the Everett Line in an Unlikely Place

Two bowls of pho from the court inside the 99 Asian Supermarket.

By Josh Resnek

My son Jacob has a Vietnamese girlfriend. They eat Vietnamese food everywhere all the time. I have been trying out Vietnamese food as a result. I have tried two places in East Boston – one on Meridian Street, the other on Bennington Street. Both were good, but not up to the level of good I experienced recently.

My son recommended 60 Broadway Malden, right on the Everett line.

“You’ll love it. It is the best Vietnamese food I’ve eaten except for my girlfriend’s parents,” Jacob said.

He was right.

I drove down Broadway at lunchtime last Thursday with a buddy.

I found the place.

It is inside an entirely Vietnamese food supermarket – something the size of a major supermarket: a big white cement block lump just off Broadway in the big shopping center.

There is plenty of parking.

To the right when you walk in, there is a section of the supermarket that looks like a food court.

Everything is written in Vietnamese.

Everyone there working and eating was Vietnamese.

What a scene. Incredible, really.

We ordered up two bowls of pho with a variety of wonderful meats and vegetables cooked in a beef base.

Each of these bowls featured scallions, cilantro, shrimps, egg – the cutest, smallest boiled egg I’ve ever seen and fresh parsley all put together in a bowl of solid beef base and pho.

The pho makes the experience special.

Its good for you.

You have to reach your fork deep into the bowl to get the pho out from the bottom.

Its an incredible treat.

The treats shown above were a spicy Satay beef and peanut bowl of pho ( at top of photo) and a simple pho bowl with the small egg showing, shrimp and beef (the first bowl shown).

Absolutely spectacular.

About $12 a bowl.

Check it out but don’t tell them the Leader Herald sent you.

No one understands English there!

Everyone is polite.

You need really to look at what everyone seated is eating in order to figure out exactly what you want!

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