Father Jerry Osterman

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Father Jerry Osterman speaking about his retirement from The Immaculate Conception Church after receiving a City Council commendation for his many, many years of devotion to the residents of Everett.

The retirement of Father Jerry Osterman from his commanding position as the spiritual leader of The Immaculate Conception Church has been a long time coming.

But now the day has come, as evidenced by the accolade set upon him at Monday evening’s council meeting by the city council.

A caring, gentlemanly, humble, but strong willed priest, Father Osterman will be missed.

Far better to imagine is that after giving up a great deal of his adult life to residents of this city, Father Osterman will now have time to devote to himself, and his own life, as he well deserves.

At his moment before the council Monday evening, Father Osterman showed his sense of humor when he was invited up to the speaking lecturn inside city hall.

“Never give a preacher a pulpit,” he said – and after very brief but poignant remarks – he was off to the rest of his life.

We wish Father Osterman many years of good health and reflection – and a bit of fun, as he enters this new period of his life.

There are no Father Ostermans coming up the ladder right now.

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