Sexual Harassment Case Involving Wellness Center Moves Ahead

By Josh Resnek

Charges of sexual harassment and bullying against a man and woman, both employees of the city’s Wellness Center on Broadway, are apparently proceeding according to the father of the young woman who has lodged the complaint.

The young woman, an Everett resident from a prominent Everett family, alleges that she was sexually harassed and bullied by a man and a woman who work at the Wellness Center which is headed by Steve Supino.

Supino said previously through the city’s spokesperson Tom Philbin that he cannot comment on employment matters.

“She is keeping it quiet,” the woman alleging the sexual harassment and bullying has told her father, the father told the Leader Herald.

“I know she and her attorney have been working on the case. However, she has not indicated to me exactly what she and her attorney are up to,” her father added.

Several attorneys familiar with how the city might be inclined to settle such a case indicated the city could give the young woman a payment in return for her silence rather than go to trial, which can often be more embarrassing for the administration.

“It is my understanding the city has done it before,” commented one of the attorneys who spoke with the Leader Herald.

The young woman went to both Supino and the mayor, according to the father, “but both refused to do anything about my daughter’s Everett workplace nightmare experience,” he told the Leader Herald.

If the mayor can’t make things right, my daughter will sue the city,” the father said.

“This kind of sexual harassment and bullying cannot be allowed in the Everett workplace,” he added.

He said the mayor, of all people, should be sensitive to matters about sexual harassment and bullying.

The Everett young woman claims she was sexually harassed and bullied repeatedly over a period of months by a well known man and woman who work at the center with her.

She said no touching took place but that the sexual harassment was severe and the bullying severe as well.

She has spoken to her attorney about feeling anxiety ridden and depressed, and she has said what happened to her was detrimental to her and to doing her job at the Wellness Center.

“I really expected more from Steve and the mayor,” said the girl’s father.”Their lack of response to this is depressing but not exactly unexpected,” said the girl’s father.

“Do they have no idea how being sexually harassed and bullied in the Everett workplace is a crime,” he asked.

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