The Convenience of Delivery

By Lorenzo Recupero

With the warm weather waning and winter slowly creeping in, the urge to stay inside and enjoy an adult beverage from home is probably stronger now and will only get a little more potent as temperatures drop.

Luckily, for those ID-bearing adults looking for the buzz without the battle of getting up and getting out, a couple Everett establishments offer a rare service: liquor delivery.

Both Fernandez Brothers Liquors on Main Street and McCormack’s Liquors on Hancock Street offer liquor delivery on any day they’re open.

Both businesses offer the drop-off service at different rates, with McCormack’s being the most economical, though both fees are well worth the charge with all merchandise in the store up for delivery, including tobacco and lottery.

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Fernandez Brother’s Liquors is new to the delivery game, but not McCormack’s, who claim to be the original and only provider in the city for nearly three decades before any others hired a driving waiter.

“The five Ds is our motto, ‘Don’t drink and drive do delivery’,” said Marlene Pietrantonio, a lifelong Everett resident that’s helped run the store with other members of the Pietrantonio family.

“We worry about our customers,” she said, acknowledging that the service has always been about helping the people of Everett drink safely and responsibly. “Sometimes our customers build relationships [with us], after a while it’s a personal thing,” said Pietrantonio.

The loyalty to their customer base is evident with their low pricing and surprisingly far reach, too. They make deliveries as far as Melrose.

A satis ed Everett resident who wished to be unnamed said of McCormack’s service, “It’s been my go to. If I’m home already and need a drink, I don’t waste time leaving, I just order whatever I want from them,” he said.

And if you’re in need of a full meal to go with your drink, McCormack’s recently teamed with Bucci’s to offer all its customers prepared refrigerated meals from the deli, including pasta’s, chicken parms, and Calzones amongst other options also set for delivery.

Now that you’re in the know, dinner and an adult beverage could be that much easier next time around.

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