Open Meetings, Closed Doors

The School Finance Commission is shown at its most recent meeting at city hall. School committeeman David Ela is addressing city and school officials following the executive session discussing the Open Meeting Law violation led against the mayor and the commission by the Leader Herald.

Violation quickly and quietly discussed by commission

By Lorenzo Recupero

An Open Meeting Law violation filed with the Attorney General’s Office by the Leader Herald against the mayor and the School Finance Commission which he heads, was discussed in an executive session behind closed doors as suggested by the mayor last Thursday.

The closed door discussion, held in the City Council conference room about how the city is going to answer the Attorney General, lasted about 15 minutes.

It ended with the commission members filing out of the conference room and taking their seats inside the chamber.

There was no discussion about the preceding, or what was decided, or whether or not the Leader Herald would be notified of its decision.

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EPS Rejects ‘Bullying’ Tactics

By Josh Resnek

A small demonstration at the end of the Everett School Committee meeting Monday evening protested changes the school department made at the underperforming Parlin School for the new school year.

A group of protesters comprised of a few teachers, union members, and out-of-town activists apparently disgruntled by the changes made at the Parlin School, hooted and howled at members of the school committee at the end of the meeting.

“We will not be bullied and we will not allow ourselves to be shamed for shaking up the staff at the Parlin School,” said Superintendent of Schools Frederick Foresteire.

“With low scores and under- performance all around at the Parlin, we had to make changes in the teaching staff to insure that students in that school receive the very best they can from their teachers and administrators,” Foresteire added.

The changes weren’t all about teachers.

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Crosby’s Resignation Magnifies Uncertainties Facing Wynn Resorts, City of Everett

Massachusetts Gaming Commission Chairman Steve Crosby resigned last week, the latest in the ongoing saga of the Wynn/Encore property in Everett.

By Josh Resnek

The resignation last week of Gaming Commission Chairman Steven Crosby continues to reverberate here, especially, and around the state.

His resignation signals the uncertainty facing Everett, Wynn Resorts and everyone involved in building the monster along the Mystic which is now heading toward completion – although hundreds of millions remain to be spent to reach that point on June 19, the proposed opening day.

Crosby’s sudden and unexpected resignation is more than it seems, and is certainly that for him – but he’s not telling us why he quit.

Why did he quit?

How does his departure change anything about to happen?

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— Eye on Everett —

Taxes Are Going Up

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.00.04 PM
By Josh Resnek

Last week’s article on taxes going up here, by as much as 11% is what has been predicted by the city’s chief financial officer, is a news story that resonated better than anything else we have so far printed.On our website alone more than 3,000 visitors came online to read the story last week.

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