Don’t Let Anything Get in the Way of What I Want To Do

By Josh Resnek

In French, the expression faux pas, has these exact meanings: blunder; misstep; false or wrong step.

Other meanings for the French phrase are these: social mistake; not polite; a severe social blunder.

The mayor has committed a faux pas by having his fundraiser on the same night as the E Club Scholarship Awards banquet.

Numerous comments from people we know and those we don’t know indicate the mayor

has made a poor choice.

Surely the mayor would change the date of his fundraiser when this was first revealed last week.

No. This didn’t happen.

It couldn’t happen because he’s the mayor and he can do whatever he wants.

Will the mayor’s time on the night as the E Club’s time effect either of the times?

Will it hurt the mayor’s effort to raise needed funds to pay for criminal attorneys?

Is this likely, yes it is. Will it hurt the E Club. Yes it will. It has to. It is a lose, lose situation.

What a shame.

Will the mayor’s flow of money from those he has appointed be as rich this time around when he has no candidate running against him and no election looming ahead in the near distance?

Hard to say.

Most likely everyone who has to does the right thing in the right amount to insure their jobs remain perfectly in place so they are paid from week to week with benefits.

This is how the system works.

This is why so many city employees will drop their money on the mayor at his time.

Not to do so is a sign of disrespect to the mayor.

Can you imagine having to go to the mayor’s time, and what’s worse, pay to go and then to leave a donation!


That’s terrible.

He might notice if you aren’t there. He will remember that. You will too when you are asked to leave.

I’ll be at the E Club if anyone is counting and watching. The mayor wouldn’t want me at his fundraiser.

I’m happy not having to be there.

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