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EHS Loses

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By Josh Resnek

EHS losing at Everett Memorial Stadium last Friday night to a revved up Central Catholic football team is a depressing turn of events.

There is losing. There is winning.

Winning is better than losing. You can’t win all the time.

No Super Bowl. No title.

It’s over.

Some of us who watched the game from upstairs near to the broadcasters box at the center of the eld all agreed. “They shouldn’t have lost.”

But they did.

The officiating was bad. Unfair, or so it appeared to the Everett EYE.

Still, EHS lost.

Their 27 straight winning streak has come to an end. “The higher you have climbed, the greater the fall.  Never speak of the end of a period for you are always at the beginning of a new one,” that according to Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes.

This season is history. It was a successful season all things considered.

All eyes should be on next year. Next year is what matters.

What Is Your Word Supposed Be?

I never knew my father to make a promise that he did not absolutely keep. He was very honest in all his dealings. He had no interest in the art of the deal or making commissions or shaking someone down because the time was right or to strike when the iron is hot.

My father didn’t really care about money. His father gave him everything as he gave me everything. He had no interest in complicating his life with investments and meetings, and responsibilities.

He always kept his word.

Now comes the mayor of Everett.

Watching him over the past year is an eye opener.

He makes promises and issues edicts.

Then he just as often reverses himself.

He doesn’t really keep his word.

His word, therefore, is impossible to trust.

I have heard him say in public the award-winning EHS Marching Band will not go out of state to compete because he would not allow for such an expenditure.

“Too expensive,” he said.

I assumed he mean’t it. He gave his word. The band will not march out of state. I wrote about it. We published stories about it.

A week later he reversed himself.

He didn’t reverse himself out of a love for the marching band – rather – because a torrent of bad publicity and discussion was heaped upon him.

‘Of course I will allow the band to compete out of state. How could I possibly do otherwise,” he said when he changed his mind.

“How can anyone claim I wasn’t going to the band to compete out of state?” he wondered aloud.


Does he think we are asleep?

Then came Homecoming which he refused to finance this year.

‘There will be no Homecoming because I’m not giving Fred the money to run it. I can do this with my word,’ he seems to say.

‘I’m more powerful than Fred. I’ll show him,” he said to himself. “Homecoming is just too expensive for the city to afford.’.

After this chest thumping, money saving ruse was finished, he ordered up a night of fireworks and face painting at Glendale Park.

He called that Homecoming.

Again, he reversed his word. He backed himself into a corner with a strategy doomed to failure.

Last Thursday night at city hall the mayor did a huge back step on the most recent controversy.

One wonders, what is this guy thinking about? Who does he get his advice from? Is there anyone he can trust?

No. Not really.

The mayor is a man alone.

After insisting for about two weeks he would not give the School Department $2.5 million raised by Sen. Sal DiDomenico guess what he did?

He reversed himself, again!!!

Took about ten days of bickering, chiseling, public meetings, controversy, acrimony attempting to show everyone who the boss is. In the end, the superintendent of schools, the teachers, the parents and the schoolchildren showed the mayor who the boss is.

How can you trust the mayor’s word?

Forget about his word.

What about his loyalty?

Do you notice in his presence he doesn’t speak one on one. There are no witnesses with a one on one discussion. You can’t speak with him alone.

That tells you something.

Nothing really sticks to this guy.

This tells you something about him again.

Everything just rolls off him, like water rolling down a duck’s back..

How does this happen?

Is it magic? Does he have nine lives?

How is it possible for him to slip out of everything?

All kinds of investigations have supposedly been done on him, around him, with people he knows and on and on by the FBI. There are some people in this city who claim the FBI is still all over the mayor.

How can evade such a full court press?

Makes you kind of wonder, doesn’t it?

Is he still paying huge monthly legal fees to a criminal law rm? We believe he is.

What for, we wonder?

What does the mayor know that we should know?

He ain’t saying!

The Casino

The foundation upon which the casino is being built is rotten. It is contaminated way beyond the residue of arsenic that remains on the site.

The land deal that led to the Wynn Resort purchase of it is a sorry mess. Nearly everything about it is illegal, immoral, and unethical. There are now at least three substantial lawsuits against the major parties in the casino development.

There is a lawsuit against Wynn Resorts by the original owners of the land – several felons and a businessman all claiming Wynn Resorts ripped them off when the company reduced the price for the land from $75 million to $35 million.

Another is the $3 billion lawsuit by the former owners of Suffolk Downs, the folks who vied with Wynn for the designation but lost out to a flawed process. Their suit details how Wynn came in and the Gaming Commission capitulated to his power.

Another interesting lawsuit is brought by a fellow named Anthony Gattinari, one of the original owners of the land who claims that Wynn honcho Robert DeSalvio owes him $17 million on a handshake concerning the price for the land that Wynn bought.

DeSalvio, I was told last week, was apparently Charlie Lightbody’s personal host and handler when he went down to Foxwoods. This runs a bit contrary to DeSalvio allegedly forgetting he knew Mr. Lightbody, a Revere businessman and one of the original owners of the land the casino is being built on.

The Gaming Commission’s big decision will be released sometime in December.

The betting is that nothing will happen or that everything will and can happen.

There is more betting on the former rather than the latter.

That tell’s something.

Betting on the Gaming Commission is a bad bet all around, I think. Just ask Stephen Crosby, the former head of the commission. He resigned some weeks ago, disappearing, seemingly, into thin air, or to a place the late great American writer Philip Roth described as the “American pastoral.” Crosby was a partner of one of the original land owners.

He recused himself from proceedings having to do with the land.

This is a preposterous a suggestion, a bit like me recusing myself from my at screen television without leaving the room and placing my hands over my ears and mouth and pretending not to watch the tv.

Hey, this is Massachusetts and this is Everett.

A monster has landed inn our midst. It is eating up everything around it – and there stands on that place at the lower end of Broadway a huge monument to Steve Wynn’s vision of grandeur and beauty.

You have to ask yourself, “How could anything like that be built here!!!!”

It is so out of place it gives new meaning too being out of place.

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