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Local Candidates All Score Victories

Leader Herald Staff Report

State Senator Sal DiDomenico and the rep flew to victory yesterday with ease. They had no opponents and scored big votes.

Governor’s Councilor and former Everett resident and well known local attorney Terrence Kennedy scored a convincing victory against his opponent, Vincent Dixon. Dixon ran against Kennedy as an unenrolled/independent candidate. Two well-known longtime elected public officials with large followings in Everett, Michael Sullivan and Maria Curtatone, Clerk of Courts and Register of Deeds in Middlesex County respectively, scored impressive votes. Neither of them had opponents.

The 2018 election results are listed below and denoted in bold with an *.

Statewide elections

U.S. Senator

Elizabeth Warren, Democrat, incumbent*
Geoff Diehl, Republican
Shiva Ayyadurai, Independent

Governor and Lt. Governor

Charlie Baker and Karyn Polito, Republican, incumbent*
Jay Gonzalez and Quentin Palfrey, Democrat

Attorney General

Maura Healey, Democrat, incumbent*
James McMahon III, Republican

Secretary of State

William Galvin, Democrat, incumbent*
Anthony Amore, Republican
Juan Sanchez Jr., Green-Rainbow


Deborah Goldberg, Democrat, incumbent*
Keiko Orrall, Republican
Jamie Guerin, Green-Rainbow


Suzanne Bump, Democrat, incumbent*
Helen Brady, Republican
Daniel Fishman, Libertarian
Edward Stamas, Green-Rainbow

U.S. House of Representatives

1st District 

Richard Neal, Democrat, incumbent*
(Neal ran unopposed.)

2nd District

James McGovern, Democrat, incumbent*
Tracy Lovvorn, Republican

3rd District

Rick Green, Republican
Lori Trahan, Democrat*
Michael Mullen, Independent

4th District

Joseph Kennedy III, Democrat, incumbent*
(Kennedy ran unopposed.)

5th District

Katherine Clark, Democrat, incumbent*
John Hugo, Republican

6th District

Seth Moulton, Democrat, incumbent*
Joseph Schneider, Republican
Mary Jean Charbonneau, Independent

7th District

Ayanna Pressley, Democrat*
(Pressley ran unopposed.)

8th District

Stephen Lynch, Democrat, incumbent*
(Lynch ran unopposed.)

9th District

Bill Keating, Democrat, incumbent*
Peter Tedeschi, Republican


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