Steve Wynn Discusses Enthusiasm, Doubts, About Casino Project With Mayor

By Josh Resnek

It is March, 2013. The mayor and Steve Wynn are in full swing about the potential of a casino and hotel for Everett.

Strategies are being prepared.

This discussion begins with the mayor speaking with the operator outside Wynn’s office in his complex in Las Vegas, according to information the Leader Herald has received about the interaction.

The mayor is in Everett, somewhere out on the streets here.

“Hi, this is Cindy,” the operator says.

“Hi Cindy, this is Carlo DeMaria from Everett. How are you?”

“Just fine,” she said.

“Ah, is Mr. Wynn available?” the mayor asked.

“Hold on just a moment. And your name again sir,” the operator asks.

“Carlo DeMaria. Mayor Demario from Everett,” he answers.

“Oh, all right. Just a moment sir.”

The mayor is put on hold. The voiceover of Steve Wynn comes on. It is self-advertising. It goes like this with Wynn speaking in his most suave voice.

“When you want a massage we know how important it is to you when you’re in the right mood and you need it” …and then that is cut short. Steve Wynn comes on.

“Hello Carlos. How are you?’ “Good,” the mayor answered. I’m great, thank you,” Wynn says. His voice is very hush hush, so to speak, as smooth as fine port, commanding but polite, interested but wanting information.

“I want to work with you. It is more beneficial to Everett than we can get in taxes,” the mayor says to Wynn.

They discuss the coming referendum and early negotiations about money for the city coming from Wynn Resorts.

“I haven’t been following this personally. Kim (Sinatra) did say to me the other day you’re a little tough on her but everything will work out,” Wynn says to the mayor.

“The faster we get this done the better it will be,” Wynn says

to the mayor.

“We want a very big vote in Everett,” he adds.

“I will put my friends on the streets. This is probably my twelfth election I’ve run. If we need to find 5,000, 7000 people. I guarantee it,” the mayor promises.

They talk a bit about the coming referendum, again.

“When Suffolk Downs goes for its local vote is it East Boston or Revere?” Wynn asks the mayor.

“A lot of things are going back and forth,” the mayor answers.

“Right now 56% of East Boston residents are against the casino,” he says to Wynn.

“In Everett it is close to 70% for the casino.”

“We’re going to have a model for you before the election,” Wynn says.

The mayor believes this is good.

“I like loyalty I will make this work,” the mayor says to Wynn. “I think we might spend as much as $1.3 billion,” Wynn says to him..

“I called Chairman Crosby. I told Chairman Crosby on the telephone I really, really want to win this. Beautiful rooms and great restaurants. We’re going to build a lovely shopping arcade… quite exciting for everybody,” Wynn tells the mayor.

“I really want to win this.”

Wynn talks about a discussion he had with Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

“I talked the other day with Bob Kraft. Look, you’re friends with Deval Patrick, I told him. Is this political (expletive deleted). I don’t want to be a patsy. I’m going for the gold. I’m on 110% to win Boston. I said to Kraft, tell me if I’m being bull (expletive deleted). I know Crosby the chairman is Deval’s pal. Do I get a fair deal? Those guys weren’t going to do anything in Revere – jobs, pro le touristically. What we’re talking about is a game changer. I just want to know I’m not being (expletive deleted). I don’t why Menino is angry at me.”

Wynn gives his walking orders to the mayor.

“You protect us politically, we’ll do the right thing for the community. When we’re there I’m right there next to you. I’ll be your main squeeze Carlo.”

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