Like Father, Like Son

One of the most ironic moments in the loss the Crimson Tide suffered at the hands of Central Catholic came when Nick Mazzie kicked a 33-yard field goal near to the end of the game that served as the winning points for Catholic Central.

In the life and times of young Nick Mazzie, this a moment to savor, and to remember for the rest of his life.

It was, after all, a huge moment in the young man’s life.

Beating Everett is like getting to the top of Mount Everest in Massachusetts high school football circles.

We congratulate him on this great achievement.

We also congratulate the father of this young man, Everett’s police chief Steven Mazzie.

He was there at the game.

What a thing for a father to watch a son kick a field goal that went straight through the center of the uprights.

It is also quite a thing for Everett people like the Mazzie’s celebrating Everett’s loss.

Everett’s loss is their gain. This is what irony is all about. Congrats to father and son.
What a great moment in their lives to share!

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