Moment of Truth Approaches

By Josh Resnek

If you think its easy to start a gambling concern in Everett, Massachusetts, look again.

With the Wynn Resorts Casino and Hotel nearing completion and scheduled to open in June, 2019, a number of lawsuits have been led in courts that will require a great deal of legal expertise and money to either settle or to litigate and ultimately, to get out of the way.

It is literally and physically, a swamp of law suits from powerful people all complaining that they lost at the hands of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission and or Wynn Resorts, Steve Wynn individually or all together.

Here’s the list right now:

FBT v MassGaming (MassGaming has also joined in suing Wynn Resorts … just in case) Lawsuit concerns the discounted price from $75 million to $35million FBT was the group that sold the land to Wynn. The FBT group investors were later brought into court but got out of everything thrown at them except for the money they say they are owed.

FBT v Paul Feldman (Davis Malm) … Paul Lohnes recently withdrew from this lawsuit. Lawsuit concerns Feldman allowing FBT owners to talk to Mass State Police without legal representation being present.

Anthony Gattineri v Wynn Resorts et al
DeSalvio side deal with Gattineri for his signature. This is an $18 million handshake deal that appears to have a great deal of credibility. DeSalvio is a major player, a friend of Charlie Lightbody and a key player who knew all the others involved, including the felons who were part of the deal.

Sterling Suffolk v Wynn Resorts et al (Lohnes recently dropped from suit)
Mr. Fields and his team, who appeared to have the casino locked at Suffolk Downs until Steve Wynn strode into town and got the help of Deval Patrick, Stephen Crosby, Mintz Levin, Steve Tocco and former Governor Bill Weld, all of whom conspired in one way or another to ruin Suffolk Downs and to take Wynn over Suffolk Downs. Five years of work went down the drain. Sterling Suffolk is suing the Massachusetts Gaming Commission and Wynn and is using a RICO pro forma.

Trying to gain justice for themselves.

Joseph O’Donnell
It is quite possible O’Donnell may be suing Wynn Resorts and or Wynn himself in the not too distant future. Mr. O’Donnell feels he was pushed out of the loop, out of the winners circle by all of the above but primarily Steve Wynn. O’Donnell as a part owner of Suffolk Downs never lied or cheated his way to the license.

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