Awaiting the MGC’s ‘Decision’

Knowing It’s Likely Compromised

Everyone knew what was going on. Everyone lied.

From former Governor Deval Patrick, to Steven Crosby, Gaming Commission chairman, to William Weld, the former governor parading around as a lobbyist and piling away more money than everyone included in this mess and then to the mayor of Everett and the original owners of the land, a number of felons interacting with businessmen wanting to make a pile of money out of polluted land by having the casino built there and state police investigators knowing all the answers but preferring to throw softball questions at everyone they interviewed.

Everyone knew what was going on. Everyone lied or looked the other way. No one seems to care.

Now we are awaiting the results of the Gaming Commission investigation.
Many wonder if the x is in?

Many wonder if justice will be done? Betting for the Gaming Commission to pull Wynn Resorts license because the company is deemed unsuitable, is a pipe dream for the truthful and the unwitting.

Betting the Gaming Commission does nothing – this is the best bet you can make.

Will anything change? Will nothing change?

Does it matter if you lie before the Gaming Commission?

Does it matter if you lie before the state police investigators?

This entire game, including the lawsuits piling up against Wynn Resorts and the Gaming Commission is about one thing, one thing very distant from justice.

Its all about money.

Nothing matters but everyone getting paid, getting paid back and on and on.

Money rules in this instance.

The Gaming Commission is but a bureaucratic pawn in this complicated money driven chess game.

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